Hi guys, SurvivalCraft has turned two! To celebrate, we have launched a new server (Extreme Survival), added a

60% off SALE on all items in the store

and added /Kit 2Year on all servers which comes with some special items. 

Donor Kits

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Feb 4, 19

We've upgraded donor kits and perks! See below:

- Get $5000 per use in kit
- Get $7500 per use in kit
- Added 2x Mobhunt multiplier
- Get $10'000 per use in kit
- Added 4, 4 Carat Gold Ingots in kit

You can also find the information on the website at:

Please check out the Extreme Survival tutorial:

Hi all, come check out the new Extreme Survival server. We're still in BETA testing but we'd love you to join. Some of the features include: 

  •  Custom map
  • Warps and dungeons for various ranks
  • Fixed and random position loot chests
  • No flying
  • A more dangerous nether
  • Deathchest (chest locked on death for Sponsor and up)
  • mcMMO
  • Tons of unique mobs and bosses
  • Chestshop
  • Mobunt
  • Jobs
  • Custom weather

Available in the lobby with the server selector or jump in the "Extreme Survival" portal.


[Owner] Isaiah a posted Jan 7, 19

Back by popular demand is SlimeFun! Now live on the Survival server.

Use /slimefun guide to get the book and get started!

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