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New Plugins on 1.13

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Aug 17, 18


As promised we've added lots of new plugins to the 1.13 server to improve the experience including:

- Ranks - /Rankup


- Tickets - /Report [name] [message]

- Keep items on death for Pro and up!

More to come soon.

1.13 Now Live!

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Aug 8, 18

After many hours of hard work to get the server back up and running, we have finally come to a solution!

The 1.13 server is now back up and running!

Connect through:

1.13 Issues

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Aug 1, 18

Our server host has notified me of some issues with our 1.13 server on their end and they are working towards a solution to get it back up and running ASAP. We're sorry for the downtime.

[Admin] Incubus5150 1.13 server is now open.
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