Lobby Update

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Jan 3, 19
We've added all kinds of cool features to the lobby, including:

- Parkour
- Word Reaction
- Gadgets
- Particle Effects
- Pets
- Special Armor
- Many more!

You can unlock these things by completing the minigames in the lobby, each minigame you complete or word you unscramble gives you money which you can use towards gadgets, pets, etc. The parkour course and many more things coming soon...
Use the Mystery Vault to redeem your mystery dust for crates OR open the menu (nether star) and select which item you wish to unlock with mystery dust

Big update!

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Dec 31, 18

We've added some exciting updates including:

/Warp Parkour
 is now open!

/Warp Creative is now open for ranks Architect and up! 
Once in the world, type /Plot Auto to get your own plot and begin building.

This is one of our biggest sales EVER

Enjoy 75% OFF all items on the store for a limited time!

Merry Christmas!


[Owner] Isaiah a posted Dec 20, 18

Updates as of today:

- Mobhunt working and heads have a value.
- Server is more stable all around
- More coming soon!

Enjoy 60% off all items in the store for Black Friday / Thanksgiving!

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