1.13 Server

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Jul 18, 18

Hey everyone , come join us on the 1.13 test server! 

The IP is:

XxAWOLxX Why is the server white-list only? I was playing it last night and now i can't.
Chazden2000 I’m loving it so far!

Summer Sale

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Jul 13, 18

Effective immediately there is a 40% off Summer sale! 

Get your favorite items before it's over.

Extra items update!

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Mar 20, 18

You may have noticed, we've added more items again!

This time:
- Extra Gear (more SlimeFun items such as armor and swords)
- Barrels (store 1000s of items in one unit)
- Hotbar Pets (have a pet in your hotbar that gives you extra abilities!)


TrillionDeTurtle can u do it on the actual server?

In honor of everyone's spring break this month, there is a 40% off sale starting NOW!

Enjoy 40% off all items in the store

Facebook Page

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Mar 1, 18

Check out the official SurvivalCraft Facebook page here! Be sure to "LIKE" and "COMMENT" on cool stuff!

Facebook page

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Champion9I was on there a few hours ago at like 2 am with fabse and th whole world was full of craters and they were killing us and now I'm banned and trying to get unabnned
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